We are intentional in how we want to affect change. In October 2017, Blackchain was launched with bi-monthly in-person meetups teaching people about the ideologies, economic impact, technical capabilities and limitations of various blockchain projects. We see a huge opportunity in the wider emerging tech space as an avenue for providing socio-economic freedom to a wider group of under-represented or low-socioeconomic communities.

What does Blackchain mean?

Blackchain is the combination of two words: Black + Blockchain.

Here’s the Four Pillars:

  1. Inclusion — Diversity is inviting friends over to your house. Inclusion is inviting your friends to dinner and giving them an opportunity to eat with you. This is a hard problem and we do not expect this to be solved overnight because it hasn’t been solved yet. However, through our efforts will make it normal to see all types of people working on emerging tech such as Blockchain.

  2. Emerging Tech — We will discuss such technologies as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality (MR, XR, & etc) among others. At the moment, our focus will be on Blockchain as this is our area of expertise.

  3. Unbias Perspectives — Typically, when media companies, associations, or foundations cover various emerging technologies they tend present information that protects or bolsters their investment valuation (or interests). We intend to be open and transparent about our interests and allow people, organizations, & etc. with opposing arguments share their insights on our media platform.

  4. Black is Collaboration — Black is the color you get when all colors come together. When you see black, you see all the colors in tight unison. We will not be able to provide unbiased perspectives on emerging tech and help create inclusive space without the help of coworking spaces, media, and tech companies, VCs, Angel Investors, and the wider tech or corporate community.

If you are interested in working with Blackchain or attending our workshops you can contact us at Blackchaingroup@gmail.com or follow us on Meetup.com. Thanks for taking the time to learn about us and our mission!

Bringing Black to the Block